1. Do not spam the chat and remember about culture.

2. Do not ask other players for items or gold. Begging is not welcome.

3. When creating a character, try to make its Nick maintain the game's atmosphere. Characters whose Nicks contain vulgarism will be banned. Likewise, those consisting of random characters.

4. Do not join another player's group without asking. First, ask about the possibility of creating a team.

5. It is forbidden to play with more than one character at the same time.

6. It is best to report a joint game from one IP / device to support.

Terms and conditions of Broken Ranks internet game, game chat,, game chat penalty guidelines.


Service provider – the owner of the website, managing and running website - Whitemoon System Krzysztof Danilewicz Company, based in 22 S. Szolc-Rogozińskiego Street, 53-209 Wrocław, TIN: 897-169-52-62, National Business Registry Number: 020740661;

Service recipient (player, user) – a person who has registered and created an account on and uses or has used the account in the Game in any way;

Crew (administration) – persons selected by the website owner or persons authorized by him to perform specific functions in the game. In particular, they include Administrators, Game Masters (GM), Engineers, Chat Super Moderators, Chat Moderators, and Forum Moderators. All Crew members are color-coded in the game forum, and Administrators, Game Masters, Chat Super Moderators, and Chat Moderators are additionally in the chat.

Regulations – these regulations for the provision of services by electronic means.

Forum Regulations – is available at:, defines the terms of use of the Broken Ranks Forum and the penalty system in the event of violating the rules set out in it.

Game (service) - an IT and information platform operating on the Internet, which is a mass Internet game called "Broken Ranks", located at the main Internet address

Registration (registration process) - the activity necessary to gain access to the website, in order to perform it, it is necessary to establish a Login and a Password.

Account – IT structure created at the player's request during registration in the Game database, containing the parameters used in the game, associated with a unique login. To use the account, one must know the login and password. The account has no material value and cannot be traded / exchanged / donated. The only account items that can be exchanged between players are the items in the game itself. The account and all its elements (e.g., characters in the game) remain the property of the service provider, handed over to the player (service recipient) under the conditions specified in the regulations. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in the restriction of rights or complete withdrawal of the Player's right to use the Account (by blocking or deleting). In the event of loss of the rights to use the account or voluntary cessation of using the account, the Service Recipient has no right to apply for a refund of expenses incurred during the use of the account.

Character - an element separated within the player's account, having the characteristics specified by the player and allowing to take part in the game on the server chosen by the player. It is possible have multiple characters on different servers under one account.

Login – e-mail address of the account entered by the Player at the time of creating a new account. Login is used to access the website, it may also be required to confirm your identity when contacting the administration.

Nickname/Nick – Player ID visible to all players.

Netiquette - to a set of rules of decent behaviour on the Internet. The netiquette is not exactly codified, nor does anyone deal with the systematic punishment of people who break these rules, however, stubborn non-compliance with the Netiquette may result in cutting such a player from a specific internet service by the administrator of a given service. Source:

Platinum – a special in-game currency, topped up by the Service Provider for a fee. Players can exchange Platinum in the Game for additional Game items, special services, access to places, or other privileges available, i.a. at different NPCs in the Game.

"Platinum" tab - a special page on, accessible from within the game.

NPC - Non-Player-Character, a character that is driven by artificial intelligence developed by the Service Provider. You can interact with selected NPCs through e.g., dialogues.

Broken Ranks Forum (hereinafter: Forum) – online discussion forum available at Information on changes to the game is published on the Forum, and the Forum Regulations are also posted there.

Chat – an internal text communication system, the rules of use of which are specified in the Game Regulations and Chat Regulations.

Support - system for official contact with the administration, available at serves, inter alia, to reporting bugs and complaints.

Guild – are voluntary associations of players that provide additional game opportunities. Players voluntarily deposit the resources specified in the game into the guild account, in particular gold and platinum.

Server – for the purposes of the service, it should be understood as a separate IT infrastructure enabling the use of the service.



1. These regulations define the type and scope of the service provided by electronic means within and access to the "Broken Ranks" online game available on this site. The Regulations also contain other information required by law.

2. The main activity of is to enable Users to play the game "Broken Ranks" through a client or via a web browser. For this purpose, the Service Provider provides the resources of its (or leased) ICT system and the required server-side software (Game engine, website, the game client).

3. The website address for the game "Broken Ranks" is

4. The use of the website and the Game itself is voluntary and basically free of charge. The Service Provider reserves the right to introduce fees for selected services or game elements, included in the regulations, a separate price list or in the "Platinum" tab.

5. The service provider facilitates users with a figment of his imagination virtual world, filled with various characters and monsters living in different lands.

6. Users are able to personalize their characters by changing the appearance of their items. The change of appearance consists in changing the graphic representation and / or colour.

7. The Service Provider reserves the right to benefit from advertisements placed on, including i.a. the Game and Forum.




1. Registration in the game is free.

2. Registration results in the creation of an account on the terms contained in these Regulations and means that the User has read its content and accepted it in full.

3. A person wishing to register declares that they are of legal age or have the consent of their parents (legal guardians) for the above-mentioned registration and participation in the Game.

4. The website owner or the game administrators indicated by him have the right to request at any time documents confirming the fact that the user meets the requirement specified in point 3.

5. The registration of the person is made after selecting the "Create character" option and correctly filling in the form enabling the addition of a new player's account to the Game.

6. After a correct acceptance of the player's data by the system, a new account is automatically created in the Game. The login along with the password provided by the Player in the form allows logging into the Game.

7. The player is required to remember the login and password. Losing passwords may require setting up a new account. Equipment items accumulated on a lost account, including paid items, will not be transferred to the new account.

8. The player is obliged to keep his password secret. The service provider is not responsible for the loss of the password and login by the player and subsequent actions performed with the use of these data.

9. Passing the login and password to third parties is prohibited, under penalty of blocking access to the account for a definite period or permanently.

10. Nobody, not even representatives of the administration, has the right to demand from the player to quote the account password.

11. If the Player loses access to the e-mail box indicated in the registration process as e-mail, he or she may change current e-mail using the security code previously sent to the e-mail and visible at the first login, which had to be saved. In the event of loss of access to the e-mail box and loss of the security code, it is not possible to change this address later. In this case, if the Player forgets or loses the password to access the Game account, he loses the access forever.

12. The player declares that the provided data:
a. are true;
b. do not infringe the third parties’ rights;
c. do not violate applicable law and generally accepted moral standards.

13. The character may be deleted if it is below the 10th level, and has not logged in for 90 days. Characters above the 10th level will not be deleted.

14. Subject to the provisions of point 13, characters will cease to appear in the ranking if they are inactive for more than 90 days. After logging in again, the character will appear in the ranking no later than 24 hours after logging in.

15. It is forbidden to use indecent expressions or insults in the player's nickname and to register nicknames that are political, racist, or pointing to other websites. In order to avoid mistakes, it is also forbidden to copy or modify the nicknames of Administrators, Game Masters, and other players.

16. Only letters of the Latin alphabet, Polish diacritics, and numbers are allowed in the nickname. Numbers cannot be placed at the beginning of a nickname. Any nicknames that violate these rules are prohibited under penalty of banning the character with a permanent ban.

17. The prohibition set out in paragraph 15 also covers names assigned to other elements of the game, in particular pets, guilds or tournament teams.


1. Access to and / or use of more than one game account is prohibited.

2. It is possible to have many characters on different servers under one account.

3. Resources and items accumulated by a player on a given server can be transferred between characters on the same account via a deposit. This provision does not apply to items assigned to characters.

4. It is not possible to transfer items collected by the player between characters registered on different servers under the same account.


1. It is forbidden to use profanity, insults, epithets in the game, and words commonly considered offensive or discriminating against others will not be tolerated. An account of a user who does not comply with these rules may be permanently blocked. The above record covers player activities anywhere on, including in-game chats, internal Guild forums, the Broken Ranks forum, and the official Discord game channel. Detailed rules for using the chat and the forum are governed by the Chat Regulations, the Forum Regulations, and the Discord Channel Regulations.

2. It is strictly forbidden to make insults, epithets, and any provocations directed at players and members of the administration families. Any such behaviour may result in the temporary blocking of the character, and in extreme cases, permanent account blocking.

3. Spamming, flooding in chat, and behaviour that is marked by a lack of culture is forbidden.

4. The use of vulgar or offensive words by NPCs in the game or to describe selected elements of the game serves only to emphasize their nature and any content voiced by the NPCs and may not be considered as a violation of the provisions of these regulations.

5. Specifications of the provisions of these regulations are the Chat Regulations, the Forum Regulations and the Discord Channel Regulations.

6. The provisions of additional chat and forum regulations cannot violate the provisions of these game regulations at any point.

7. In any case, the provisions of the game regulations prevail over the provisions of the Chat Regulations, the Forum Regulations, and the Regulations of the Discord channel.


1. It is forbidden to use errors and bugs of the game software and transfer information about these bugs to third parties, except for the representatives of the Crew.

2. It is forbidden to conceal from the administration the fact of detecting any software errors.

3. The player is obliged to report any significant error to support. The error is significant if, as a result of its use, an advantage over other Players may be gained, in particular, in the form of obtaining currencies (e.g., experience, gold, or platinum) or items offered in the game.

4. Concealing and using bugs leads to the loss of obtained benefits, may also result in additional sanctions determined individually by the game administration, up to and including character or account blocking.


1. It is forbidden to use external software to improve, automate, speed up or slow down the game (e.g., bots, cheats). In particular, it is forbidden to:
a. use programs affecting animations,
b. use the programs to automate the process of acquiring resources,
c. use the combat support programs.


1. It is forbidden to participate in fights, the result of which has been previously agreed. This prohibition especially applies to PvP battles and Guild Wars where resources are transferred from one guild to another.


1. It is forbidden to make any (e.g., free, for virtual or real money) transfer of access data to your own account (login, password) to other players.

2. It is forbidden to grift passwords from players and steal another player's access data (password, e-mail address) to the character's account in the game.

3. It is forbidden to transfer a registered game account to third parties.

4. Violation of any of the provisions of paragraphs 1-3, may result in blocking access to the account and its removal, and players who violate these provisions cannot count on any compensation.


1. It is forbidden to exchange items or services from the game, in particular gold, platinum or items, for real items or services. These are only elements of the Game itself and must be treated as such.

2. It is also forbidden to exchange items or services from the game indirectly, using real services (e.g., topping up a mobile phone account), in the form of demanding payment from another player's character for help, an item, or currency in the game.

3. Any transactions involving trading or exchanging player accounts are prohibited, regardless of how the transaction was made and with what means of payment. The penalty for selling or replacing the account may be permanent or temporary blocking of access to the player's account. The Administrator / Game Master decides about the penalty.

4. In-game items and services may only be redeemed for in-game items or services.

5. Violation of the provisions of this paragraph will result in the deletion of the subject of the transaction and may result in additional sanctions imposed on the transaction parties, up to and including the account blockage, and players who took part in the transaction cannot count on any compensation.


It is forbidden to:
a. cheat players to obtain or sell an item;
b. mislead about the condition or properties of the item or the partners of the business transaction;
c. cheat, misguide, attempt to extort the return of resources lost as a result of a sudden server downtime, concealing information from the Crew, not returning a borrowed item, gold, platinum, or other resource in the game;
d. impersonating the Crew or claiming being force in it;
e. evidence tampering.


1. The Crew members watch over the observance of the Regulations and the Netiquette.

2. The Crew has the right to impose penalties consisting in a warning, limiting the possibility of using the in-game chat and the forum, reducing statistics, limiting the possibility of playing by reducing the capacity of the backpack or by limiting the ability to move around the maps until a specific sequence of actions is performed.

3. The Crew also has the right to temporarily or permanently block the player's character or account, IP address, and as a last resort even delete the account and all items assigned to it.

4. The Crew has the right to impose penalties on the Guilds, in particular in the reduction of prestige or honour (both the entire guild and selected players) or the deduction of selected resources.

5. In order to enforce compliance with the rules of these regulations, the Crew has the right to monitor the player's activities, as well as to change selected parameters of the player's account.

6. Details concerning imposing penalties, unless specified in these Regulations, are set out in the Chat Regulations or the Forum Regulations, and the Discord Channel Regulations.


1. To purchase the Platinum purchase service, use one of the options in the "Platinum" tab

2. Using the "Platinum" tab, it is possible to buy additional Platinum by making an online payment or by sending an SMS. Settlements of transactions by credit card and e-transfer are carried out via the Dotpay Settlement Centre.

3. Only an adult or a person who has the consent of their parents (legal guardians) can buy Platinum.

4. The purchased Platinum is then available in the Game account. The purchased platinum is not refundable.

5. Losing access to the Account in the game, e.g. by losing the password and losing access to the e-mail address provided during registration, means irretrievable loss of this Account, along with the Platinum and equipment, without refund of any costs.

6. Each time, before purchase, please refer to the prices presented for each payment form. By making a payment, you accept these prices and present Regulations as amended.

7. In the event of errors in the "Platinum" tab, the User should immediately contact the Service Provider.

8. The person using the "Platinum" tab undertakes to provide their authentic data if the entity servicing payment transactions requires such data.

9. The Service Provider reserves the right to change the prices of the Platinum purchase service without giving reasons. Each time, the current prices will be placed in the "Platinum" tab. Prices quoted on the "Platinum" tab or anywhere else on are not a commercial offer in the legal sense.

10. In the absence of confirmation of the transaction made from the "Platinum" tab, in the form of Platinum calculation within the time guaranteed by the payment service, you should immediately contact the Service Provider.

11. The Service Provider is not responsible for incorrectly entered data by the User in transfers, payments, or text messages.

12. In the case of individuals who do not conduct business activities within the meaning of the Act on tax on goods and services, the Service Provider is not obliged to issue a VAT invoice, in accordance with art. 106 (4) of this Act. If such a person wishes to receive a VAT invoice, it must be requested within the statutory period. The request for an invoice should be sent by registered letter to the address of the Service Provider along with confirmation of the transfer to which the invoice is to relate and with the data for this invoice and an addressed return envelope.

13. In the case of payment to the Service Provider's account by post office, only the forms generated by the payment service or filled in exactly the same formula should be used. If you wish to transfer offline payments at the post office instead, enter exactly the data (especially the title transfer), as they appear on the generated printing. The deadline after which the Platinum will be added to the Player's possession, in this case is up to 3 business days from the moment the money is credited to the Service Provider's account.


1. The player can exchange platinum for various additional game elements or functions with the NPC. Each time they should learn how much Platinum they spend and what they spend it on. It is not possible to undo a transaction made with an NPC. The player takes full responsibility for this and will not demand any intervention or the return of the Platinum in the event of a transaction being executed by mistake.

2. The Service Provider reserves the right to change and adapt the elements and services exchanged for a given amount of Platinum to the current needs of the Game without giving reasons. Always, however, the amount of Platinum consumed is displayed on the NPC. In case of any doubts, the Player should withdraw from the virtual transaction and contact the Service Provider.

3. The Player acknowledges and accepts that transactions made in the Game itself, especially between Players or Players and NPCs, including Platinum, are only transactions in the virtual world of Broken Ranks. This also applies to services performed instead of the NPC by persons designated by the Service Provider. In particular, these are not offers and commercial transactions in the legal sense, but only games. The player declares that he will not seek any compensation or refund concerning to these transactions.

4. The Player acknowledges that the NPC or a person authorized by the Service Provider may refuse to exchange the Platinum for a given equivalent in the Game if the situation in the Game, the level of the Player's experience, or other factors related to the Game or the Player's character do not allow it, it would make the Game difficult for other Players or the provision of services by the Service Provider, or for other reasons important to the Service Provider.


1. Basic use of the Game is free of charge.

2. The Service Provider will make every effort to ensure the proper operation of the Game, its development, and popularization.

3. Players' actions that may hinder or destabilize the operation of the Game, in particular, lead to violation of the law or protected by the law third party goods, are unacceptable.

4. The service provider reserves the right to temporarily cease providing the service.

5. The service provider is not responsible for:
a. damage caused by the player's incorrect use of the Game, the Platinum Tab, or the entire service;
b. problems with the functioning of the Game, the "Platinum" tab, or the entire service if they occurred as a result of events that the service provider could not have foreseen or prevented with due diligence, random events, actions of third parties, including Internet service providers or a payment service;
c. use of the Game by the Player contrary to the provisions of the Regulations;
d. the content of information posted in the Game by players. The author of the content is solely responsible for this;
e. interruptions in the functioning of the Game, "Platinum" tabs, or the entire website for technical reasons (e.g. maintenance, inspection, hardware replacement, software update, database update, etc.);
f. loss of data contained in the Game, the "Platinum" tab, or the entire service due to hardware, software, database failure, or other circumstances.

6. The service provider makes periodic backups of the game and software database.

7. In the event of critical breakdowns of the game, the service provider may restore the state of the Game or its elements from a previously made backup with the effect of reverting the entire Game or its elements.

8. The player and user of and the "Platinum" tabs acknowledge that the Game,, and the "Platinum" tab are under constant development and there may occur errors or temporary problems, in all cases, this must be reported to the Service Provider. In such cases, the service provider undertakes to immediately take action to correct the error.

9. The service provider is not responsible for problems with servers and network infrastructure that result from third parties problems.

10. All transactions between Players or Players and NPCs in the Game itself are purely virtual (for the purpose of diversifying the Game) and have no legal force whatsoever.

11. Service Provider is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses to Players or users arising from the use of, the "Platinum" tab, or the Game itself.

12. In the event that it is necessary to terminate services related to or the Game itself, the Service Provider will notify Players of this fact on 1 month before disconnecting Players from the Game or the website itself.

13. The Service Provider may change the Game server with the loss of some or all items or other elements in the Game by the Players. In this case, he will inform the Players about it on the website within 1 month before the planned change.

14. In the event that the Service Provider ceases to provide services, Players who have purchased commercial services are not entitled to a refund. This also applies to the Platinum owned, even if it has not yet been used in the Game.

15. The Service Provider reserves the right to collect virtual goods (including Platinum) obtained impermissibly, e.g. by using an error in the Game in the "Platinum" tab. The Player should report such fact (error) immediately to the Service Provider, and in the event of suspicion of the Player's intentional action in order to use the error in the Game, his/her account will be deleted.


1. Any comments, complaints, inquiries and information about and the Game can be directed to the game support department or by post to the Service Provider's address.

2. The Service Provider reserves the right to interfere with the technical structure of the Player's account in order to diagnose irregularities in the functioning of the website and the Game itself, as well as to make changes and affect the technical side of the Player's account in any other way in order to modify it or restore its correct the operation of the account, website, or Game itself.

3. In the event of noticing that Users have posted infringing materials, the Service Provider should be immediately notified by sending a message to the e-mail address provided in paragraph 1 of these regulations or by post to the Service Provider's address. The Service Provider reserves the right to suspend access to such materials or even remove them from the website, or the Game. The notification of violation of the law should contain circumstances that make the violation credible.


1. Personal data - referred to in art. 4 sec. 1 of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation ), hereinafter referred to as the GDPR - may be processed in the Game.
The data processed in the game is:
- e-mail addresses,
- IP addresses,
- MAC addresses,
- automatically assigned identification numbers,
- any other data processed at the request of the Player in connection with customer service or the payment process, if they prove necessary to resolve a given situation.

2. In the cases specified in § 17 point 1a indent 4 The player will be additionally asked to consent to the processing of his personal data.

3. Other personal data of the player, such as name, surname, telephone numbers, Personal ID number are not collected in the Game and are not stored in it. Their processing, however, is covered by § 17 point 1a indent 4.

4. A request for the Service Recipient to provide some of the above-mentioned data by the service provider may take place:
-in the event of a complaint,
-in order to clearly identify the person using the game account,
-if you want to receive a VAT invoice for a paid service provided by the Service Provider,
-if the Service Recipient wins a competition or special offer organized by the Service Provider and there is a need to complete the formalities required by law, as well as deliver the prize to the address provided; refusal to provide data or providing false data in such case results in automatic loss of the right to win.

5. The data referred to in point 3 may be made available only on the support page and under no circumstances may they be extended with logs and / or password to the Customer's account.

6. Companies implementing the payment process may require the above-mentioned data from the player. The service provider is not responsible for the data provided in this case.

7. The Service Provider reserves the right to disclose the Service Recipient's data to authorized bodies and persons acting on behalf of these bodies if such an obligation results from applicable law.

8. The Service Recipient's data is processed on the basis of art. 6 sec. 1 lit. b GDPR, i.e. data processing is necessary for the performance of the contract between the Service Provider and the Service Recipient.

9. By accepting the Regulations, the Service Recipient additionally agrees to the processing of personal data.


1. The invalidity of one of the provisions of the Regulations, confirmed by a decision of the competent court, does not invalidate the remaining provisions of the Regulations.

2. Before each login to the Game, the Player should check whether these Regulations have changed. The Service Provider will announce such a change on

3. Logging in to the Game means that the player accepts all the current Regulations.

4. If the changes to the Regulations are not accepted, the Player should refrain from logging into the Game and using and immediately notify the Service Provider of such decision.

5. The fact that the Service Provider does not exercise any of the rights at the moment and/or does not object to the other party's failure to perform any of the obligations contained in these Regulations shall not be interpreted as the Service Provider's resignation from the possibility of later exercising one of the rights or acceptance of non-performance by another side.

6. Any disputes arising from this contract will be settled by the common court proper to the service provider location.



1. This regulation is a set of laws and rules applicable to all currently available chat rooms, i.e. places of speech in the game.

2. The set of rules applies to every player, regardless of rank, except for §3 p. 4.

3. Ignorance of the regulations does not release the player from the obligation to comply with them.

4. The abbreviated version of the regulations is available in chat rooms after entering the command "/reg".

5. The administration reserves the right to modify and amend these regulations. Players will be informed about the changes via official information channels, such as Fan page Broken Ranks, blog, forum, etc., or other selected communication channels offered by the website.

6. Terms and Conditions automatically apply to any chat rooms that may be introduced in the future.

7. These regulations are valid from the moment of their publication.

§20 Ranks

1. The order in the chats is the responsibility of the Crew members, i.e. Chat Moderators, Super Moderators, and Game Masters, appointed by the Administrator of the given server.

a. Chat Moderators are authorized to:
2.a.1. help players on the forum and in the in-game chat rooms;
2.a.2. game chat moderation;
b. Super Moderators are authorized to:
2.b.1. all Moderator tasks;
2.b.2. help in organizing tournaments and events;
c. Game Masters are authorized to:
2.c.1. all tasks of Moderator i Super Moderator;
2.c.2. solving players' problems related to game errors (including covering losses in the event of a crash);
2.c.3. running events / tournaments;
2.c.4. enforcing the maintenance of the level of the game by players;
2.c.5. resolving most of the cases reported in the ticket system in the support.

3. The ranks specified in sec. 1 were created to support players, maintain order in the game and the forum, help resolve disputes, and comply with these rules by players.

§21 Rules

1. Each player is obliged to follow the rules of Netiquette.

2. Before asking a question: check carefully if it has not already been answered somewhere (forum, wikipedia).

3. In chat rooms it is forbidden to:
a. beg;
b. spam, flood, troll;
c. trade, exchanges, donations, etc. posted outside of the trading chat;
d. use the trade chat contrary to its intended purpose;
e. use the expedition chat contrary to its intended purpose;
f. use chats other than the expedition chat to find a team and/or slot for an expedition/tournament, help with quests, etc;
g. quote private statements in any form in general chat rooms;
h. advertise other portals, forums, and games;
i. paste the full content of articles, poems, songs, etc. - a fragment is enough;
j. paste links containing content that violates these regulations and/or the netiquette;
k. write in CAPITAL letters, abuse of punctuation marks and random letters written in a sequence;
l. overuse of characters (up to 5 characters of extension) and combinations of characters (e.g. & ^ $ (# @%);
m. describe erotic scenes or ones considered by moderation as inappropriate/distasteful/disgusting etc .;
n. multiple citation;
o. intentionally mislead other players (maliciously giving false information);
p. insult, humiliate, slander, etc. other players;
q. use words commonly considered obscene/offensive/offensive to human dignity/profanity, also in a censored form (eg using "****", false typos, etc.);
r. discuss in general chats with the members of the Crew about the penalties, regulations, insulting and undermining their decisions, orders, etc .;
s. publicly question the competencies of the Crew members, including commenting on the penalty granted to another player;
t. discuss the regulations (the appropriate place for this is the support);
u. use phrases and formulate statements in a way that indicates disrespect towards other player(s) and Crew members;
v. report objections to the decision of the Crew (the appropriate place is the support),;
w. initiate quarrels, provocations, subtexts aimed, in particular, at humiliating, insulting, slandering a Crew member, player, etc.
x. promote illegal content (pornography, theft - computer piracy, drugs, etc.), and thus post directions to access such materials.
y. impersonate the Game Administration or other players in order to obtain benefits in the game, access an account, or enforce a specific behaviour;
z. threats and blackmailing;
aa. recruitment to guilds in public chat rooms;
bb. search for partners/opponents for war in public chat rooms;

4. Each of the members of the team has the right to write a note on each of the chats (eg "please, no Caps on the commercial") and this is not a violation of the rules of paragraph 3.

5. The Polish language is obligatory in the chats, maintaining its correct and clear form. The usual use of commonly understood foreign words, abbreviations, and phrases is allowed.

6. It is not required to use Polish diacritics, but it is recommended to use them, especially when their absence could make the content of the entry incomprehensible.

7. For writing in broken Polish or with a large number of spelling errors, a minimum statutory penalty may be imposed, i.e. a verbal warning or a WARN.

8. During all chat conversations, it is necessary to comply with generally accepted rules of social coexistence, personal culture, chat rules, and the rules of the game;

9. A properly made screenshot, which can be ground for punishment, is called a full screenshot without modification, with the full chat window and the date of the mobile chat visible, with the text to be punished, and placed on a light background (visible background). It is also acceptable to display the date on a light (visible) background using the command /time;

§22 Private chat

1. Private chat is subject to special protection in the game and is not monitored on an ongoing basis by the Crew members;

2. Analysis of the content of a private chat may only be carried out by an authorized member of the Crew at the request of the player, who submits a properly made screenshot of the conversation as the basis; guidelines for the screenshot can be found in §3 point 9;

3. Due to the nature of the private chat, any breach of the rules disclosed in the private chat will be punished with the full severity.

§23 Sanctions

1. For breaking the rules of these regulations, the members of the Crew, in accordance with their rights set out in § 2, may impose the following penalties: warning / warn, gag, jail, ban, ball and chain, or other penalty adequate to the offense.

a. warning / warn - may take the form of a verbal remark in each chat or a formal warn that will be recorded in your account history;

b. gag - it is a form of temporary withdrawal of the possibility to write in public chats and guild chats within a character or the entire account and is subject to the gradation of its duration in four basic ranges: 60 min / 720 min / 1440 min / 10,080 min - however, these periods can be changed according to the decisions of the Crew members as to the nature of the offense and the possible history of the player's offenses;

c. jail - it consists in transferring the Player to the prison, where he has to perform an order to regain his freedom (most often the jail penalty is imposed simultaneously with the gag penalty);

d. ban - is the most severe form of sanctions permitted by the Regulations and consists in immediately logging the Player out of the game and inability to log into the character or the entire account for a specified period of time or permanently.

e. ball and chain - penalty for giving the player an item that takes up the entire weight limit in the inventory; for information on whether to remove it from your inventory, please visit

§24 Principles of applying sanctions

1. The minimum gag specified in § 5 para. 1 lit. b may be shortened to 30 min only in the case of minor and single violations of the regulations, which include, in particular, misleading players, trading in public chats, using the general chat as private, begging;

2. The reduction of the penalty referred to in paragraph 1, is the sovereign decision of the Crew member imposing the penalty and cannot be the basis for demanding the same amount of penalty by other players punished in accordance with the ranges specified in §5. para. 1 lit. b.

3. For players with a character level of no more than 15 or with a game account for less than 2 weeks, it is permissible to apply a lighter penalty or even to withdraw from it.

4. The derogation referred to in para. 2 does not apply in the case of relapse.

5. In the case of reports of violations of the chat rules on the side, combat, or private chat, the only evidence confirming the report and resulting in the consideration of the complaint is a properly made screenshot with the date of the mobile chat visible (or displayed using the /time command) indicating the fact that the rules were violated.

6. Notification of violation of the regulations containing the appropriate screenshot may be submitted within 48 hours of violating the regulations. After this time, the application will not be considered.

7. The limitation period referred to in para. 6 does not apply to threats relating to real life.

§25 Relapse

1. Relapse is a repeated breach of the chat regulations by the user, ie it does not matter whether the breach was committed on one or several characters within a given account. The creator of the account is responsible for everything that happens on it, also for the actions of third parties that violate the applicable regulations.

2. Daily and quantitative relapse should be distinguished.
a. a daily relapse is a multiple, i.e. at least twice, breach of the regulations within 24 hours from the end of the penalty;
b. in the case of quantitative relapse, understood as the total number of violations on the account, two ranges are distinguished: for 7 violations of the regulations within seven consecutive days, a 10,080 minutes gag penalty is imposed, for 30 violations on a given character, counted from the beginning of its existence, a 43,200 min gag penalty is imposed.

3. The decision to grant a penalty resulting from the aggregation of penalties may be imposed at any time after fulfilling the conditions specified in paragraph 2 lit. b.

4. In the event of receiving a penalty and committing another offense during its duration, it is considered a relapse, which is equivalent to imposing a penalty in accordance with the tariff and accepted rules.

§26 Appeals

1. Each player has the right to appeal against the penalty of a ban imposed and the penalty of gag, provided that the penalty imposed is longer than 1440 minutes;

2. Appeals should be submitted via the support ( ).

3. The content of the appeal must be send from the e-mail on which the account is located (the next step is to confirm the e-mail via the link sent to the e-mail), contain the name of the character to whom the penalty was imposed, the name of the server, the type and size of the penalty, and the time of its imposition.


Update / the change of the regulations does not entitle to appeals due to the change in the levels of penalties. 

GM/Administrator has the right to impose a penalty for offenses not specified in the regulations and to impose a penalty of a duration other than within the standard ranges if it is deemed as appropriate.

§27 Standard penalties (do not apply to relapse)

Category A: warning / warn:

1. writing in CAPITAL letters;

2. begging;

3. quoting private statements (in any form) in general chat rooms;

4. recruitment to guilds in public chat rooms;

5. searching for partners/opponents for war in public chat rooms;

6. using the expedition chat contrary to its intended purpose;

7. using chats other than the expedition chat to find a team and/or slot for an expedition/tournament, help with quests/tasks, etc;

8. using the trade chat contrary to its intended purpose;

9. trading in chat rooms other than the trade chat;

Category B: 60 min:

1. spamming, flooding, trolling;

2. advertising other portals, forums, and games;

3. pasting the full content of articles, poems, songs, etc. - a fragment is enough;

4. bypassing the blocking of links;

5. abuse of punctuation marks (especially "?;!;." & ^ $ (# @%), etc .;

6. multiple citation;

7. intentional misleading players (maliciously misrepresenting information);

Category C: 720 min/1440 min (alternatively Jail + gag):

1. insulting, humiliating, slandering, etc. other players;

2. the use of words commonly considered obscene/offensive/offensive to human dignity/profanity, also in a censored form (eg using "****", false typos, etc.);

3. phonetic profanity ("who you yeah bunny", "fuck");

4. discussing in general chats with players/Crew members about the penalties granted, rules, and questioning their decisions, orders, etc. - that's what the private chat is for;

5. pasting the content of penalties on public chats;

6. using phrases and formulating statements in a way that indicates disrespect towards other player(s) and Crew members;

7. objections to the decision of the Crew should not be presented in the chat, but in writing should be reported to -> support;

8. initiating quarrels, provocations, subtexts aimed, in particular, at humiliating, insulting, slandering a team member, player, etc .;

9. trolling in tournament chat, interfering with the conduct of a tournament;

10. deliberate destabilization of public chats;

11. publishing private photos of other players from social networks/internet/sites not associated with Broken Ranks;

12. disturbing the event [if the GM leader orders the lvl range, and the people from the upper range decide to "play" at the cost of their little friends];

13. using tabs "recruitment" and "policy" inconsistently with their intended purpose;

14. pasting vulgar ss/links/statements of other players to public chats;

Category D: 10080 min:

1. describing erotic scenes or considered inappropriate/distasteful/disgusting etc.;

2. promoting illegal content (any form of pornography, theft, computer piracy, drugs, etc.), and thus posting directions for access to such materials;

3. switching to other characters in order to avoid the gag;

4. promotion of racist content;

5. account trading [if the player still sells the account despite the penalty, we use the category E - Total ban];

Category E: [ban]:

1. impersonating the Game Administration in order to obtain benefits in the game or access to the account; [Total]

2. impersonating a player for the purpose of phishing in-game benefits or the account access [Total]

3. threats relating to real-life; [30 days ban];

4. circulating modified images of players without the consent of people visible in the photo [7days/30 days/Total ban];

5. providing links to sites offering any in-game benefits to obtain a login and password for another player's account [Total] ;

6. insult/threat relating to family members [ban 30 days];

7. using, developing, and distributing any robot (or "bot"), Spider, unauthorized script, unauthorized Scraper or offline browsers, or any other cheating tool or software at Broken Ranks; [Total]

8. tampering with the security of Broken Ranks [Total];

9. writing or distributing any content that contains viruses or other code intended to damage or disrupt the operation of Broken Ranks or any software, hardware, system, data, or other information from Broken Ranks or third parties; [Total]

In special cases, the Service Provider [GM / Administrator] has the right to:

a. lock the Player's IP;
b. punish the Player by taking items, reducing statistics, deleting a characters or accounts;
c. change selected parameters of the Player's account;

§28 Relapse

1. for the second * violation in Category A - 60 min and up

2. for the second * violation in Category B - 1440 min and up

3. for the second * violation in Category C - 10080 min and up

4. for the second * violation in Category D - 40320 min and up

*) if it was committed within 24 hours from the previous one

Quantitative relapse: 

Quantitative relapse vol1 - gag 43200 minutes [30 days]

- Should be used when the limit of 30 penalties per character is exceeded. 

Quantitative relapse vol2 – ban 21 days [504h]

-Should be used when the limit of 50 penalties per character is exceeded. 

Quantitative relapse vol3 – ban 60 days[1440h]

-Should be used when the limit of 80 penalties per character is exceeded.

1. The Broken Ranks Crew will not be looking for players with so-called "relapse", and only in the event of breaking the regulations by such persons, it will be imposed in the system presented above.

2. Relapse penalties are not subject to appeal and reduction.

3. Penalties in the form of warns and 60 minutes gags are not included in the quantitative relapse!

4. Relapse is counted 180 days back from the date on which the penalty is to be imposed

5. Penalties are counted within the account - changes of the player (Service Recipient, User) do not affect the perception of relapse.

6. After exceeding the vol3 relapse, each subsequent penalty will be treated with a TOTAL ban.